Writing Excuses 7.45: Microcasting

It’s microcasting time! This week we take a crack at the following listener questions:

  • What percentage of a rough draft makes it into print?
  • What are the pitfalls of jumping from novels to short fiction, and vice versa?
  • Do you need to start with short fiction first?
  • Should a novice writer fix glaring story problems during a draft, or wait until after?
  • Can a self-published author get picked up by a traditional publisher?
  • How do you get over the fear of writing something unoriginal?
  • Can I pay you to help me outline my story?

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One Response

  1. Brady OBrien

    I just found a link to to your site . Although I wasn’t much of a student growing up, my mother instilled in me the pleasure of reading. Reading has been my solice in many countries,and in many situations where we had no electricity or even clean socks to change into! I am amazed and awed in your ability to transport me to pretty much anywhere and any time!
    In a few short years I will be on my 40 acres, sitting on my porch next to my wife, watching our dogs run and play in the field. I will have some battered copy of a novel you have written in my lap (I probably had stuffed in my duffle at some USO somewhere in the world), my wife and I will look at each other and smile. She will probably say “Are you reading that again?” but she knows I will already have your stories in my head, and I will just be holding it and remembering. The worlds you created and the places and people of where I was at when I read them. Please keep doing what you do! Thank you!
    SFC Brady OBrien

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