Why the prolonged silence

I’ve been having some trouble with my computer for the past week. Basically, I got hit with a host of spyware and trojans that took forever to get off my machine. It meant that going online was a slow process if I could get on at all. Sure, the computer was connected, but it was busy downloading advertising.

After fighting with it over the course of the last week, I finally gave in, backed up my data and reformatted the hard drive. Extreme measure? It took two hours compared to the week spent fighting the various forms of malware.

And why did I have this problem? My own stupidity. I needed to download a piece of software and enabled “allow website to install software” for that one item but forgot to turn that option off. And I was using my computer on a wifi hub that wasn’t secure. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

All is better now and I’ve got an up-to-date anti virus software installed.

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