Why I should never travel with Scalzi.

I went up to Wheeling to hear Scalzi read, which was fun as always. Our plan was for me to drive him back into Chicago, which is a good plan. I got him to Chicago with no problems and then… and then the travel karma kicked in. Really, I should have known. I mean his travel karma is legendary in its epic fail and mine is so weird that there’s a drinking game to go with it.

I went to go return the Zipcar I had checked out. First there was a detour, no big deal, the road was closed for construction. I had to do a little twisting to get past it but nothing major. It wasn’t until I got back to the lot where the Zipcar was supposed to be parked that the karma really showed itself.

Allow me to demonstrate why Scalzi and I should NEVER travel together.

See that? That’s a fire truck because where I was supposed to park the car was on fire. On FIRE.

Just think what would have happened if we had tried to take an airplane together.

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