Violin Chair

Violin ChairA fellow writer turns out to be a handy woodworker. Check out this violin chair that Gray Rhinehart made.

The “Take a Seat” exhibition opened on Saturday, April 28th at Cary’s “Spring Daze” event. The chairs will be exhibited in the local mall (Cary Towne Center) through May 16th, then over the rest of the summer the entries will be on display at various locations around Cary. They will be exhibited all together again at Cary’s “Lazy Daze” festival on August 25th. After that, the chairs will be auctioned off to “support public art and education programs in Cary.”

This project was so fun that we would love to do more–in fact, we have in mind an entire series of “Musical” Chairs, from violin-, cello-, and guitar-modeled chairs to a double bass love seat and a piano “bench.” In fact, if we could find enough customers this might be the dream job we’ve been waiting for.

So, if you know anyone–including yourself–who loves music and might be in the market for a unique, handmade chair, let us know!

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