Valour and Vanity is finished!

And by finished, I mean that I’ve typed The End and am ignoring all of the [brackets] that I need to go fix. For those reading along, that means that Chapters 23, 24, and 25 are now up.

If you are interested in stats, this comes in at 93,167 words. I know at least two scenes that I will likely cut because they set up things I wound up not needing. I wrote it in 63 days, which would likely have been faster if I hadn’t had WorldCon in the middle, and then had to turn around the line edits for Without a Summer. Overall though, I’m pleased with the pace.

What happens next — well, what really happens next is that I drop this and jump on the copyedits for Without a Summer which are due next week — but after that, I go through what my alpha readers say and tweak stuff, then send another round of readers through it. THEN I send it to my agent and after those notes, it goes to my editor.

Right now though? I’m going out to buy myself some dark chocolate and a very nice bottle of scotch.

Have a drink.

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6 Responses

  1. Graham Rinehart

    Well done, Mary! Congratulations. My wife and I were just talking about SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY yesterday; she had been referring to the working of glamour when she was talking to our daughter.

    Enjoy the chocolate,

  2. Evan Ramspott

    There’s laws in these here parts, you know. Do have any idea how fast you were typing, ma’am? License and registration, please.