Typewritten stories

We picked up the last of our typewriters (portable Smith-Corona with black pebbled finish) from the repair shop today. It has a smooth and lovely action. I typed a letter to celebrate. I think that, once we are in New York, I want to write a couple of short stories on our typewriters.

I was thinking about doing some sort of contest and giving the winner an original typewritten story. You know, you’d get the actual original manuscript–after I made a copy, of course. It just seems like, if I’m going to type it that the manuscript itself should be part of the package.

So the question is: What nifty contest can I host?

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3 Responses

  1. momk

    Hey, you guys left a forty year old portable typewriter here in Hawaii, remember? We hope you come back to retrieve it asap!

  2. strugglingwriter

    You could have a short fiction contest (250-500 words?) in which a typewriter plays a key part in the story, or something like that.

    Or, you could have a photo contest. Have people send in interesting pictures of typewriters (you would have to set certain guidelines of course).