Today’s nutshell of activities

Today was one of those odd days where I was occupied all day but got nothing done. I hate those days.  Oh wait. I did laundry ((With my freeze ray, I will STOP the world)) and a little bit of story editing.

Then this evening I went to KGB. The readings tonight by John Kessel and Joselle Vanderhooft were both quite enjoyable.  And they’ve both donated items to the KGB raffle. By the way, the raffle has added a carnivorous plant from the Texas Triffid Ranch.  You think I’m making it up, don’t you?

Liz Gorinsky seduced Genevieve Valentine, Dustin and Julia to go with her to the Desert Truck.  Their goat cheesecake may well be the best dessert I’ve ever had. And the chocolate bread pudding.  Oh my.

And finally in my sum-up of today.  Dr. Horrible Act II!!!!

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7 Responses

  1. Paul Riddell

    Actually, that’s three carnivorous plants. I haven’t let anyone know yet, but the winner will also get a whole load of other items, such as custom T-shirts and the like. After all, there’s no reason to get stingy with a raffle prize, right?

  2. Paul Riddell

    Well, we’ll have to do something about fixing that situation so you can have your own terrarium. I tell you what, I’m having more fun raising triggerplants and sundews right now than I ever had while writing.