Today in brief

So, yesterday was really long. I finished up at the theater about 1:30 a.m and headed for home to pack and then catch a 3:30 a.m. bus to the airport. I flew out on US Airways, but not that US Airways flight.

I’m in San Fransisco now, totally wiped out and am going to bed. Just a reminder that John Scalzi and I will be at Borderlands at 7:00 tomorrow night to read. It should be a total blast, especially if our top-secret plan goes well.

Scalzi mentions this on his blog, but I’ll mention it here too. I was going to record this, but my new computer hasn’t arrived yet. So if you happen to have a microphone and computer that you wouldn’t mind hauling along to record us, that would be swell.

And now, since the only sleep I’ve had has been on the plane, I’m turning in.

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One Response

  1. Jen

    Have a wonderful time! And do think about putting Southern Ontario on your list of places to do readings in 🙂 It’s actually a nice place when it’s not -29.