Tiger Cat

Tech week is proceeding apace. Nearly out of the woods. Speaking of woods, here’s more canned content.

One of the interesting things about moving is that one finds all sorts of things, like, say, a short story from 1978. I was nine years old. Here is an excerpt with the original spelling and punctuation. It’s part of a collection I wrote called Cats and their Adventures.

Tiger Cat

Once upon a time there was a young mother tiger. She had three cubs, named Tiger Cat, Lilybug, and Strips. Tiger, (as everyone called him,) grew and grew. He was the oldest and the strongest. Tiger loved to help his mother. One day his mother told him to watch Lilybug and Strips. While his mother was gone a fox tried to capture Lilybug. He was about to carry Lilybug away when Tiger pounced on him, then sank his teeth into the fox’s neck. They fell to the ground. When hi mother came back she said, “Where did you get that?”

Lilybug said, “Tiger killed it.”

“Tiger, was it around the den?” said his mother.

“Yes.” said Tiger, “it was trying to capture Lilybug.” They ate 1/4 of it.

One day Tiger met a tigeress that he liked. That was when Tiger was three. Her name was Tawny. Tawny and Tiger liked each other. One night Tiger invited Tawny to eat supper with him.

Wow… I was writing about tigers dating. Does that count as a romance?

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