This is my 41st birthday

I know a lot of people refuse to admit their age, which has always struck me as a little silly since surviving another year is a good thing. Of course, the fact that Grandma is 105 and still sharp does tend to skew my perception of what “old” means.

You know, I’m still a decade away from middle age given my family.

All in all, 40 was a really fantastic year on the fiction front. Sold 2 novels, 10 short stories, made the Hugo ballot, and my 1st short story collection came out. I’ve been doing less puppetry over the past year, which gives me an identity crisis but nothing world-shaking.

In personal life, Rob and I moved back to Portland and it’s a lifestyle that suits us better than NYC. I miss my friends back there and, strangely, the subway, but I like getting enough sleep.

I look forward to seeing what 41 brings. It’s starting off well. Mom and Dad sang to me first thing this morning and I get to spend the evening with Grandma.

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27 Responses

  1. Amy Sisson

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I turn 42 in just under a week, and like you, I’ve never seen any reason not to proclaim my age. Especially since for an entire year, I’ll be the answer to life, the universe, and everything!

  2. HollyAnn

    Happy Birthday, Mary! And belated birthday greetings to your grandmother, as well! Hope this year brings many good things!

  3. Jetse

    Happy Birthday!

    Here’s to hoping that your creative and commercial carreer paths will reinforce each other.

    Have a good one: I’m raising a single malt (the new Springbank 18 yo) in your honour!

  4. Rose Fox

    Happy birthday! I’m so sorry to miss spending the day with you, despite my current encampment in your living room. Harriet sends birthday snuggles.

  5. Todd Thorne

    Some awesome genetics there, Mary. So does Grandma refer to you as a pup? Mine did when I was in my mid-30s, which I always thought was incredibly cute.

    Hope your day was special.