The thousand toothbrushes

600 toothbrushesFor those that have been wondering about my passing references to 1000 toothbrushes, this is what I’ve been making with them. It’s for a dance piece the Chase Brock Experience is performing.

That photo has about 600 toothbrushes in it. The final version has about 800. They are glued and wired together in mass. Moving them to the theater today should be interesting.

I’m also making a drawer spilling lingerie, a purse spilling keys and a moving box spilling mail.

I did not order nearly enough keys, so that’s going to get built on Tuesday.

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3 Responses

  1. Luc Reid

    So … it’s sort of a spill-sculpture? Is it more frozen in time, or does it move?

    Sorry to be so confused; this is different from all the other toothbrush art projects I’ve run into. Not that there have been any.

  2. momk

    Oh my! Is there a FIRM tooth brush
    in those 600? Mary, you know how I
    cherish a brush having bristles with stamina.
    The American Dental Assoc. ruined it all
    by declaring those good old fashioned
    FIRM tooth brushes were off limits. Dang it.