The results to my question about offering “Fade to black” scenes

Last week, I asked people if they would be interested in reading my homework from an erotica class I’m taking. More specifically, if I wrote the “fade to black” scenes between Jane and Vincent would people like to read them. (It’s not too late to answer the poll by the way.)

Here I’m going to pause to reassure people that I am not going to put sex scenes in the books. It’s inappropriate for the books that I’m writing. But as a homework assignment, kept behind a password protected wall, then it might be interesting.

I offered the options of “No,” “Yes,” and “Yes, but I wouldn’t admit reading it.”

The results to my poll are…

Here are the additional thoughts that people gave.
  1. My favorite fade-to-black scene is at the very end of "North by Northwest".

  2. The flavour of the books is so Austenesque it would just feel wrong to read the intimate details. I'm happy to leave it to my imagination.

  3. DO IT!

  4. I think the cutoff point you've chosen in the books is appropriate for the material. I think is neat you can actually take a class in writing erotic material and applaud you for going. I assume it's kind of like math? You don't need to know linear algebra and rarely use it for most things, but having that knowledge somehow makes basic calculus and arithmetic easier. Matrix math == smutty writing?

  5. Yes, because I think within the structure of magic you have? It would be an amazing thing to explore. They could honestly do/be anything they wanted to.

  6. I wouldn't seek them out, and I hope they wouldn't hold important plot or character elements

  7. I'd love to read them, especially with the sort of warm relationship Jane and Vincent have. It would be great to see how you carry a scene through.

  8. I happily read a FTB scene that Kate Elliott posted that she didn't include in the body of her second Spiritwalker book.

  9. I've thought more about the answer to this question than I expected to. My initial gut reaction was "no" but then I started to wonder exactly how your voice and style would translate to something so very different from what I'm used to reading from you. So, out of curiosity, I might read one or two, but I certainly wouldn't admit to it.

  10. I must admit I am terribly excited. I hope you decide to share!

  11. I would probably say no, mostly because stand-alone intimate scenes aren't as interesting as intimate scenes driven by character or plot...if that makes sense. For example, intimacy where one character is just learning to trust the other is more interesting than intimacy written as...well....fluff? Or if one is worried about something about to happen or has just happened in the plot, that can color the whole scene.

    So...if the scenes you write and show had novel-context of the chapter they fall in, that might be enough, but since it's been a while since I've read your published novels rather than the unpublished ones, it might still feel disjointed or not enough for me to be interested. So that's my reason for saying "No."

    With the above explained, I don't see any reason to keep this anonymous, so this is Laura Christensen. 😉

  12. Yes. But it would feel a bit...weird. They are clearly a "healthy" couple (quoting You, I believe), but it's difficult for me to imagine the kind of activities they would engage in given the way they communicate. Barring technology, I know sex in the modern age probably doesn't hold much over sex in the Regency,, not but. That's exactly why I'd be interested in reading the scenes. Beyond the purely prurient, of course!

  13. A lady just doesn't admit to such things. 😉

  14. I agree that it can be a valuable tool in your box, even if you don't use it in the books. I'd be very interested to see what you did with it.

  15. I'm sure they'd be very sweet. And magical. WIth no heaving and throbbing.

  16. First thought: I grew up on Georgette Heyer's fade to black scene endings. You knew something more intimate was about to happen, emotionally or physically, than what should be seen by an "audience" (aka the reader). I always felt satisfied reading a story completion ending that way.

    2. If the story is told at all in first person, you are getting a solid feel for how the character in that culture views their world. In a society where holding hands is an intimate and telling sign of affection, and possibly shocking to the character, well, I don't think I would be able to get my head into the space where I would be reading descriptions of nipples and foreskins from that same restrictive point of view. Particularly from the virginal woman's view - would it be poetic? Lots of biblical references?

    3. It might be interesting to read if body part and sexual acts were written in historically accurate terms but if descriptions were at all modern I think it would break the atmosphere/spell/feel of the whole book.

    4. I'm not sure a sex scene wouldn't feel more like smutty fan fiction of the novel. 🙁

  17. I read a lot of romance (not much actual "erotica"), but have read from the genre. I really like your writing and also the era, so I'd like to participate.

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