The Odyssey Experience

I’m designing props and masks for The Odyssey Experience for McCarter Theatre’s education department. Here are the drawings I’m sending up to them for review.

Athena The idea is that rather than masks, each character has a helm which they wear, to signify which character they are. Athena has her classic helm, which I want to be silvered to make her really shine.

Athena's shieldAthena’s shield plays with the look of Greek vases. However, that is the most unfortunate Gorgon that I’ve ever seen. I was working from an actual vase and yet somehow I’ve wound up with Betty Boop.

EagleAgain, using the lines of a vase, but here, for the Eagle, it is batiked on China silk and used like a ribbon dancer.

Poseidon For Poseidon’s helm, I’m using the shape of his beard to suggest waves. I also want to make this one look like copper with a heavy blue-green patina in the beard. From the crest I want something that has the shape of a classic Spartan plume, but can double as a wave about to crash down.

Zeus Finally, Zeus. Here I see weathered bronze and gilding.

I’ve got no idea if the director will accept these or not, but I’ll keep you posted.

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