The next project: MacBeth

I’ve started a new project, building the three witches for MacBeth. Yay! No dead dogs!  This is for the Puppet Kitchen with Michael Schupbach designing.  It looks like it’s going to be a fun gig and I’ve got full permission to post process shots as we go.

Today wasn’t very exciting in terms of having photos to offer you.  We met with Emily De Cola, who’s directing the puppet movement to talk about the physical requirements of the figures.  I also headed into the garment district to pick up fabric swatches.  These are going to be beautiful but creepy puppets.

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  1. momk

    Ya den…Mary, we are in MN. now. When we saw J.Gamble in Las Vegas last week, he mentioned some future project which possibly would present itself for your collaboration. If you wish, I can send you his contact info should you want/or need it.