The new Weird Tales cover, let me show it to you.

Allow me to show you the cover for the new issue of Weird Tales. This is the first issue that is fully art directed by me. There were some learning curves on ye olde software and some unrelated delays (helllooooo travel) that made putting this issue take longer than it should have.

BUT we are going to press shortly so I thought it was time to share the cover.

The cover art is “Theora” by Lee Moyer. By happy coincidence, the model for that is one of the baristas at my favorite coffee shop and she modeled for this before I met her. How nifty is that?

I’m very pleased with the interior art. Let me tell you, it was hard to find art as awesome as the stories inside the covers of this issue.  I won’t name favorites, but, dang, Ann Vandermeer has put together a fabulously weird and wonderful issue.

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  1. Mike F.

    That is a cool cover. I have an uneducated question: Is it a combination of a photo and painting. The hands look like a photo and seems to blend to a painting. Very neat effect. I like it.

        1. Lee Moyer

          Thanks for the kind words. Being on the cover of Weird Tales is an honor ~ another of my life’s ambitions realized. 🙂

          I use good reference photos wherever possible, and the hands really do look a lot like those of my model, the delightful Megan Hale. WHile much more tightly rendered than the wings and background, they’re not a photo.

  2. Jeremy Zimmerman

    That is a wicked awesome cover. I don’t know what story that’s tied to, but I would totally want to read it.

    And I just realized that Lee Moyer is the artist. In the category of “small world,” he was a the convention (and designs the T-shirts for it) where I had my epic Emergency Room hijinks. I’m just waiting to discover that you attended some holiday party run by a mutual friend and I just didn’t know who you were at the time. =P

    And you art directed it?! Is there anything you don’t do? I’m waiting for the blog post where you talk about doing the Iditarod while teaching disadvantaged children how to read through puppetry.

  3. Dave H

    I see what you did there. Besides showing us a beautiful cover that promises more delights inside, you casually mention the barista at your coffee shop. You’re not just making pictures for a magazine, you’re evoking scenes of us reading the magazine, in cozy and comfortable surroundings, with a nice cup of espresso.

    You’re not just selling the steak, you’re selling the sizzle! (grin)

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