The moose head is gone!

You might recall that we’ve had a moose head in our apartment since last June. While it makes for amusing conversation, the thing took up massive amounts of space in our bedroom.  We wrapped the antlers in foam because of the number of times I stumbled into it getting out of bed at night.

It makes for an interesting bruise pattern, to say the least.

New Year’s Day, the actor whom we were holding it for, had someone pick it up.  Now, I have to say that it’s not his fault that it was here this long. We’d offered to ship the thing but it proved harder than we thought.  When I called him to say that we were giving up, he got his cousin to come over.

The process of getting the head out was like a Laurel and Hardy routine because the entry hall to our apartment turns the corner coming in. AND the head won’t fit on the elevator, so they had to walk it down five flights of stairs.

It is gone and our bedroom feels positively huge.

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7 Responses

  1. Julia

    Myself, I would have run to put on Yakety Sax on loop after two attempts to get it out the door.

    You seriously have the most interesting life!

      1. Julia

        Seriously, that song is good for so much in life, not only events involving ex-moose glued to boards. During uberstressy periods when I have to portion out my sleep to what feels like the nanosecond (like my LIFE since August, it feels), I set my alarm music to it, because at least I’ll wake up giggling, even if the rest of the day goes absolutely crappily.

        …wait, if I edit my grammar, my avatar changes?! O_O!!!!

        1. Julia

          Oh, now it has changed back. For a bit there, it was what looked like a black lightning bolt.

          …Stop having good ideas! *runs off to iTunes to make a ringtone* .mp3 shortly. Usually BitPim and my phone slap a lock on any ringtones I manage to upload on there, or I’d just shoot it to you via text.