The final Typewriter Triptych story: Playing to Type

This is the final story in my typewriter triptych at The first two are “A Type of Favor” and “Playing Against Type.”

Here’s your teaser.

Gloria flexed her wrists trying to work some of the tension out of them while she waited for the propmaster to reset the scene. How had secretaries used typewriters like this for hours at a time?

Her left hand was captured in a strong, masculine grip. Gloria followed the arm up to meet Chance Hendrix’s eyes. He smirked at her with all the wattage of the dark eyes which had given him one of the highest recognition credits in his day. God. She’d had such a crush on him when she was a teen — but then so did all the other girls and most of the boys in her creche.

You can read the whole story at Shareable: Playing to Type.

Interesting trivia: I wrote the first of these stories entirely on manual typewriters. At one point while writing the second two,  I had to switch to the computer because I was traveling. Can you spot the point where my style changes?

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2 Responses

  1. Pam Adams

    Nice! Your PTY’s may have to wait to see if I can get to SF for your reading in August. I liked that the ‘three words’ weren’t defined. I spent a little time thinking what they could be: ‘Ow, my wrists’ was my favorite.

    Also, thanks for the introduction to Shareable- that’s a pretty cool site.