The damage

Rob says:

Broken turn signal, broken clutch lever (I just went to BMW and paid $157 for a replacement to make the cycle rideable while I wait for the insurance adjuster to call), damaged front fender, damaged hand guard, damaged exhaust pipe, and shredded cover. That’s what I can see at the moment. I’m going over to replace the lever and start it up.

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6 Responses

  1. Mike F

    That stinks. Some just hit it and left? At least he washy riding, but still. Hope everything gets fixed quickly and without a lot of trouble.

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      Oh, he did. But I’m not going to ask him to list them because he starts shaking his head and grumbling. He does say that “amazingly enough, the mirrors weren’t broken.”

  2. JGS

    I was going to guess broken turn signal and bent footpeg… should have known it would be the clutch lever. Hand guards, sounds like a BMW Enduro bike of some sort, 1200 or 800 GS maybe?

    I’ve been on the other end of one of these (though I wasn’t the one driving)–backed into a parked bike (to be fair it was really hard to see, tucked into an unlit corner of an angled parking spot with cars on either side). We did leave a note, and I had to buy the guy some parts… but I knew how furious I’d be if someone hit my bike and took off.

    Anyway, condolences, and glad you got your tickets. And that no-one was hurt.

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      Rob says that it’s a BMW 650 GS “Dakar”. He says that he wishes it were an 800 but then the parts would be even more expensive.

      I think you scored points for guessing well.