The cover for Without a Summer

Allow me to introduce you to book 3 in the Glamourist Histories. This is the cover for Without a Summer, which is due out on April 2, 2013.

Whew. I managed to do that without squeeing. Seriously. I’m so pleased by the image that Larry Rostant created for this cover. They asked me what Melody looked like and have pretty much nailed it. Yay!


  1. Very, very nice.

    Someone looking at it has to pay attention to see its a fantasy cover and not, say a straight romance novel, but yeah, it works very well.

  2. You managed to be so well-collected in your introduction that I wondered for a moment if you were pleased. *laughing* Then I saw the subscript. Yay!

    Now I’m curious as to how Valour & Vanity is coming along. I’m so excited that you’re going to do a heist story! (Just listened to Writing Excuses, so now I know.) Any chance you know when you’ll start needing alpha-readers?

  3. Well, I can’t look at it without squeeing– it’s beautiful! I particularly love how the colors of the birds match the *combined* colors of their clothing.

  4. It’s beautiful, but I’m still partial to the cover from the first.

    But then, I’m probably not who they had in mind.

  5. More than anything I’m just excited to see book 3 on the horizon. Will this book focus on Melody instead of Jane?

    • Jane is still the POV character. I would say that this focuses on Melody in the same way that Emma focuses on Harriet Smith. But that may only make sense to an Austen fan.

  6. Looks gorgeous! I’m really excited. Also, the name — is it a reference to the volcano-induced Year Without A Summer?