Thanks for the Anniversary wishes!

Rob at AsbyrgiYesterday was absolutely lovely. We slept in, had bagels and hung about being lazy together.

I gave Rob four wool Afghan pakol hats, which are his favorite headgear. See the one he’s wearing in this photo? It was his favorite and went missing while we were in Iceland so I picked up some replacements. He gave me a long natural wool knitted coat from Iceland. Clearly, we were both thinking about the same things.

In the afternoon we headed over to the farmer’s market to drop off our compost and pick up some vegetables. I know it might not seem like the most romantic thing, but it’s the sort of lazy day that we used to have while courting, so it feels really good.

In the evening we went to Lincoln Center to hear the Kirov Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre play music from Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible. The performance was outstanding, but the acoustics of the space were as bad as I’d been led to believe. You could tell the sheer volume of sound that must be coming off the stage, just by looking at the size of the ensemble, but it never got loud. And both those pieces of music are sweeping in range. Even so, it was a wonderful evening.

I must say, that unplugging for the day was really nice. Even if you don’t have a special occasion to prompt it, I’d recommend just taking a day to slow down and turn off. That said, coming back online, it was awfully nice to hear from all of you. Thanks for that!

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  1. David Loftus

    Kirov orchestra is a great way to end a day. Carole and I saw the Kirov in the Mariinsky theater in St. Petersburg in ’94 (Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet). It was, Carole says, like seeing the Olympics of ballet. We came out of the theater to a still-light 11 p.m. (it was midsummer) and had a hell of a time trying to find an open place to get a bite and chat. The only places that were open were taverns or whatever they’re called there, with hard-drinking regulars strapped to the bar.