Tech rehearsal – just pictures

I wish I were in Houston with the rest of the Odd and the Frost Giant team, but director Rob Kimbro has some photos to with you.

Too tired to provide any sort of commentary or context here other than to say that we have dress rehearsal tomorrow and the first student matinee Tuesday morning.

Since he’s wiped out, I’m going to just write down my reactions to the photos. This is the first time I’m seeing them too. SO excited!

First up, the Wall at Asgard

The Wall

To which I say, yowza, that’s some gorgeous forced perspective there. The hand also looks amazing. That’s when the wall turns into the giant. Such a cool idea.

The Gods and Odd


Not exactly a horse, a hawk and a hound

This is the first time I’ve gotten to see Mimir’s well/the fire pit. It looks wonderful.  I really like how everything is playing with the wood floor.  The costumes are great and really make the puppets pop. I was a little worried that they would compete for attention, but they don’t at all.

The visions at Mimir’s well.



Dad and Big Dad

I think what we’re looking at is Odd’s vision at Mimir’s well of his parents. There’s the small carving his father did (actually done by Jodi Bobrovsky, prop master) and then a larger full costume duplicate. Which is AMAZING. That looks so good, guys.


The shattered legThis is Odd and his mother after his leg is damaged. The colors are really gorgeous.  I’ll bet this is a beautiful scene.

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4 Responses

  1. Rob Kimbro

    The third pic isn’t actually a moment from the show. That is Dream Dad from the vision at Mimir’s well. That costume is never on stage with the toy it’s based on, which Odd has at the beginning of the show. We just thought a Dad/Dad photo would be nice. And, yes, Kathy and Jodi have really done a beautiful job on those two Dads.

  2. Joan'Ruth Lawson

    AWED!! Best B4 US Creations CHEERS!! Ahhh…2 see it ALL!! May WHEE!! May we? Mais oui!! Peace’s Pieces Playsing Pen Points…Puppet Productions Perfections! Thank YOU! <3

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