Tangent Online – Shimmer, August 2005

Shimmer was just reviewed in Tangent Online Here are a couple excerpts, but go read the whole review.

The premier issue of Shimmer seems to have a lot going for it: numerous well-told stories by many unknown names, wonderful artwork weaved into each story, a pleasing and original layout, and a book review by the Slush God himself, John Joseph Adams, of F&SF fame

And of course, he loved Dario’s story. I’m so proud.

The longest entry in the issue, “Valley of the Shadow� by Dario Ciriello is a gripping experience from start to finish. The dead now exist with the living, and for Tom Shroeder, that is not the worst of it. The world is falling apart thanks to the spooks, the economy is going on, everyone is on meds, and suicide is at an all-time high. Tom meets a fellow American while staying in Athens, and together, they plan on surviving what they hope to be a short phase in societal history.

The world of the dead and the world of the living coming together is not the most original story element, but Ciriello makes it work in such an original way that from here on, I’ll always think of him as its founder. The descriptions of the ghosts and house spooks being secondary in life make them so much more creepy than descriptions filled with gore and eyeless faces. Tom is a sympathetic hero, doing what he can to save those he loves, to keep the world sane along with himself. This is the shining gem of the premier issue. Check out Shimmer for it alone if your interest is the least bit piqued.

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