Survived Orycon

More than survived, really. I had a great time, although I was a little stressed juggling some transit issues. Rob and I had made the decision before going to Iceland, that we would sell the car and try being carless when we came back. What this weekend has taught me is that carless is fine when I’m solo, but when I have a guest it sucks. Even with Flexcar and buses, everything got very complicated. I think it might have been fine, had we not wanted to throw a Shimmer party, which meant getting groceries down to the convention. It might also have been fine, if we had wanted to leave right after the panels ended. As it was, the first night the buses had stopped running before we were ready to leave.

But even with that, I had a great time. Most of the panels were interesting and I think I only witnessed one that was a dud. My workshop on reading aloud went well, I think. My reading on the other hand, while I think it was appreciated, did not make me happy. I didn’t have time to do my homework on the story this week and my printer ran out of ink on Saturday, which meant that I couldn’t print the story out until I got to the hotel on Sunday. It was mind numbingly stupid of me and meant I couldn’t mark the page up the way I like to. But, my audience of six didn’t seem to mind. I think they even forgave me when I realized that I had randomly inserted the word “not” into a sentence. Why does one do things like that? Anyway, I just reread the line and kept going.

I saw, but did not get to hang out enough with Jay Lake, Patrick and Honna Swenson, Ken Scholes, Jen West, Ellen Datlow, Josh English, Alma Alexander, Richard A. Lovett, Dave Slusher, Stephen Stanley, Dave Goldman, Kirsten Lincoln, Mischa and, and…you may recall that I suck with names. I am certain that I’m forgetting people.

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