Successfully shot the trailer

I am fatigued.  

We did this today.

There’s my beloved, manning the camera in his role as director. I limited my input to art direction and occasionally movement coach.

Interesting factoid… the table that the vase and flowers is sitting on is not a real table, although the vase and flowers are real.

It’s a music stand.

Well, a music stand with some strategically placed cut paper to change the silhouette into something more appropriate for the Regency.

What actually turned out to be a bonus was that we could change the height of the table depending on what we were filming at the time.  Also, I was able to raise the “feet” of the table above the bottom edge of the shadow screen so it was visible.

Because the light beam widens as it travels from the projector to the screen, even if you are only an inch away from the screen there’s a little well of shadow, that clips the bottom off of images. In this case it was pronounced because we also had a roll of paper on the ground as part of the screen.

Being able to tape the “feet” to the stand  gave me the ability to get over that dark area.

There’s still a load of work to do on the Shades of Milk and Honey trailer, but it’s all in Rob’s camp now. Me? I’m going to bed.

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