Apparently this happens every year, because it happened when I worked here two years ago. After we wrapped, everyone went to Magnus’s house for a party and then on to the Studmenn concert. Last time I had been here for a week and a half so I was still fairly dazed.

This time, I was so excited to see everyone off the set and all dressed up. It was a nice change from our studio clothes. People kept looking at each other and saying, “You look really good,” with this sort of shock in their voices. It was very funny.

Rob and I didn’t stay long at the concert. We were both tired and probably would have passed but wanted to hear Stefán and Steina sing. They are both very good, which isn’t surprising. Rob and I cut out after Stefán’s first number. The band is good, it’s just not my scene. Loud and smoky with lots of drunk dancers… The rest of the evening was fun.

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