Sometimes it’s better not to know.

I’ve had three different people ask me how my day was, to which I answered “fine.” They then pressed for details expecting, no doubt, me to regail them with tales of puppets gone bad. Alas. I’m working on a spreadsheet, which I explained. Two of the people did not believe me when I explained that it is deathly boring.

For those unbelievers, here is one of the formulas that I’m writing.

IF(AND(B2< =5;OR(C3<=5;C3=11;C2=1);OR(B3<=5;B3=11));"in January - May, and November";IF(AND(B2<6;B3>5;B3<11;OR(C2=1;AND(C3>5;C3<11)));”in June-October”;IF(AND(B3=12;OR(C3=12;C2=1));”in December”;IF(AND(B2=6;OR(C3=5;C3=10;C2=1);OR(B3=5;B3=10));”in May and October”;IF(AND(B2>6;B2<9;B3>4;B3<11);”in May – October”;IF(OR(B2=9;B2=10);”year round.”;IF(AND(OR(AND(Formulas.C3>5;Formulas.C3<10);C2=1);AND(B3>5;B3<10));”in June-September”;”THE MONTH FIELD DOES NOT MATCH THE DATE ENTERED”)))))))

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4 Responses

  1. -e-

    Mmm… yup, that’s pretty boring. UNTIL you get to that exclamatory ending! Boy, I sure didn’t see THAT coming!

  2. Evan Nichols

    Ah, spreadsheets! I find it helps to use the Conditional Formatting to change the font and background colors when the cell has certain values. It doesn’t really make the data more interesting, but one can say “Oh, look! It turned green!”