Snow + Portland + Drivers = Benny Hill

And this is why I didn’t drive in Portland, OR when it snowed.

Thanks to David Goldman for the link.

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10 Responses

  1. John Burridge

    Yeah. In the Willamette Valley, it’s not the snow and ice that get you; it’s the other drivers. I was speaking with a trusted source yesterday who claimed he saw two Eugene drivers slide by while they were speaking on their cell phones! Eeek; just eeek.

  2. Julia

    I just wish I could share this with others. Unfortunately, unlike YouTube, iReport won’t let me click on the danged video to get to the source page, and searching yields naught. Sucks.

  3. Kate Baker

    In regular English, that is going to be my neighborhood this weekend. I spent 45 minutes in line at the grocery store behind people stocking up for the stormpocolypse.

  4. Monica Byrne

    Oh, that’s awful. And that JUST happened to my sister and I, driving up an icy mountain road in Vermont. That is, she kept speeding up every time she climbed a hill, much to my alarm, until she explained that it was far *more* dangerous to lose momentum.