Sick. Bleah. But at least I get a couple of days at home.

I was supposed to fly out of town tomorrow to to go Michigan and record Seanan McGuire’s An Artificial Night. May I say that a major perk of this job is that I get to read books like this before you do? You just wait until you see what Toby is up to next.

Meanwhile, we just rescheduled because I came down with a head cold yesterday.

One of the problems with recording audio is that things like this show up as changes in my voice. Besides needing to pause more often for sneezing and nose blowing, my voice is sitting lower than it normally does and a little more gravelly. For a short term project, I could get around this but for an audio book I record for eight hours a day over the course of several days.  Now, there’s a fair chance that my voice would give out faster while ill, it is a muscle after all.  But even if that weren’t the case, the sound of my voice won’t match the previous books and will change over the course of the week as I heal.

As timing goes, this would have been worse if it hit while I was there, since that would lead to me being sick in a hotel room. As it is we just bumped the schedule back so that I’ll fly on Tuesday and record Wednesday through Sunday.

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  1. Spring

    Bundle up with the cats and feel better!
    How does one break into the voice work (a former on air personality wants to know)?