Shimmer Summer, 2006 review

Pam McNew just gave us a very lovely review on her website, My Love for You Is A Ruby, A Emerald, A Diamond In a Box

Shimmer, Summer 2006. This was my first reading of Shimmer, a small zine of beauty. Shiny front and back cover with beautiful, and I want to say photoworkshopped, art. So beautiful that I felt badly toting it around and about and marring it a bit from my crude habits and behavior. Nine pieces of fictions, very short pieces, smaller than flash in a couple of instances. Speculative or fantastical, of course. I’m thinking the publication tends a bit more towards literal writing than most zines, although there is a garden gnome story (not what you’d think) and an alien story (not what you’d think, but, yes, an Earth with aliens and local politics.) I should also note that there is an interview within the issue: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.

She goes on to say other nice things, which you should go read it.

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