Shimmer » The Pirate Issue

Shimmer » The Pirate Issue

Pirates! The word evokes the high seas, deep space and bootleg software. Be honest, who hasn’t wanted to be a pirate? Think of plunder, booty–Avast!

The MS Shimmer has been captured by the Dred Pirate John Joseph Adams, first-mate of the Fantasy & Science Fiction. For the Summer 2007 issue, our pages will be filled with pirate stories. What better way to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day?

What kind of pirates? All kinds – fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, historical, futuristic, high seas, deep space – if it’s got pirates and it’s speculative fiction, Captain Adams wants it. The usual Shimmer guidelines apply, but with pirates.

Bring us your pirate stories for Summer 2007, the Pirate Issue.

Submission porthole: December 1, 2006-January 31, 2007.

Send submissions to with “Pirate Submission: Title” in the subject line.

Ye scurvy sea-dogs need some inspirin’? Here are some links to get ye started.

Watch the History Channel’s series on pirates, beginning July 9.

Can’t think of a name for your pirate vessel? Check out this pirate ship name generator.

Read some sobering information on the connection between pirates and global warming in this Open Letter to Kansas School Board.

Brush up on your pirate words and phrases.

And don’t forget Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales.

If we be missin’ some links, or if ye have more questions, fire a cannon over our fo’c’s’le at midnight, or send e-mail to

Now you know why I need a pirate name.

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3 Responses

  1. Jon

    Wow, ever since “Pirates of the Carribean” became a movie, everybody’s been into stories of pirates on the high seas! I myself prefer the story of Edward Teach, aka “Blackbeard” and of course, “Rottenbeard!”

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Ah, see I grew up in North Carolina, so tales of pirates were part of my childhood.

  3. Jon

    North Carolina is where Blackbeard hung out, isn’t it? There’s a house where he lived in North Carolina called “The White House.” or the Hammock House. Blackbeard only lived there for a short time before he went back to sea.