Shakespeare’s Who’s on First

Thanks to D.T. Friedman for spotting this.

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4 Responses

  1. Lawrence M. Schoen

    Oh my lord, this was a delight.

    And, because the qep’a’ is just a couple weeks away, I’m reminded that a few years ago during the annual Klingon caberet, two fluent speakers performed ‘Iv ghaH baHwI”e’, a Klingon version about a starship captain regaling a friend about the merits of his new crew, which includes a gunnery officer named “Who.”

      1. Lawrence M. Schoen

        Alas, I don’t think so. This was back in the dawn of prehistory before YouTube. There are audio recordings of it though, but unless you know some Klingon (you don’t need a lot), it’s lost on you.

        I should add that Marc Okrand, the creator of the language was with the night it was performed (he usually joins us for at least part of the conference), and he literally fell out of his chair laughing. He ended up on the floor, clutching his sides, he was laughing that hard.

  2. David Loftus

    This was wonderful to see. I am midway through a run of “Julius Caesar” and was informed over the weekend that I will be playing Bottom in August.