Shadow Puppets with the Tayler children

While I was in Utah, I had occasion to visit the home of the Tayler’s.  Knowing that they have four children, I brought along The Broken Bridge, my tiny little puppet show. Sandra has written a charming account of the afternoon spent playing with her children.  With pictures!

“Tra la la!” said Mary as she made the little shadow puppet move behind the back lit screen. In front of the screen my four kids sat spell bound, watching the surprisingly life-like motions of the little shadow man. A second player entered the stage and Mary gave this character a distinctly different voice. “Is this the road to London?”

Read the whole thing at One Cobble at a Time » Shadow Puppets with Mary Robinette Kowal.

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5 Responses

  1. momk

    Mary, I can’t think of anything more wonderful…Golden Globe.
    .Academy Award – no. None is so impressive as stimulating
    young minds! Ah, but you did that & that is fantastic.!
    Love, and respect and regards.

  2. Kelvin Kao

    I like how this picture makes it look like you are doing it using only the natural light from the window!

    Shadow puppets can be so simple, and yet so much fun!

  3. Sean

    Hey Mary, I’m pretty sure I still have a small clip of you doing a performance with the little schlock guy. Let me know if you’d like to have it. (It’s not the whole performance, sadly.)