SF Observer Reviews Talebones, Summer 2007 (#35)

I’ve been wanting to get into Talebones for sometime, and this review by SF Observer explains why. It’s a really good magazine. I’m pleased as punch to have “Death Comes But Twice” in its covers.

About my story, SF Observer says:

This story follows the main character, who takes advantage of the elixir of a doctor he knows to try and understand the suicide of his elder brother. Not surprisingly, the quest takes a turn he doesn’t expect… I can’t really say too much more without turning this into a spoiler.

Kowal does a nice job with this story — it’s short, to the point and elegant. It doesn’t stray from the base idea and its implications — and its results. The story is clearly based in works like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other such period pieces, but it’s only vaguely a pastiche of such works. Although the format of the story brings those to mind, the text is more up-to-date and comfortable to the modern audience (but without being out-of-place with the story). My only quibble with it is that I’m not sure the title really fits, but that’s little enough in the scope of things.

This was probably my favorite of the issue, even above the Nolan and Glass pieces.

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  1. -d-

    Whoo Hooo! Congratulations!
    I don’t know if I like the “even above the Nolan and Glass pieces.” That sort of says that he didn’t expect much of you. 🙁 or are those two really well known? (sort of showing that I don’t read much fiction)