Sale! “Ring Road” to Dark Faith anthology

Life on the road doesn’t completely suck. I sold a short story today!  Maurice Broaddus is editing an anthology of horror titled Dark Faith for Apex that will come out next May and he just let me know that he’d like to include my story “Ring Road” in it.

Actually… there’s a certain irony to selling that story today, given our travel experiences and that we checked into the “jacuzzi suite” tonight.

Here’s a teaser:

Echoes and steam swirled around Nanna, merging with warm water to ease the tightness in her limbs. God, she had missed spas while she’d been away. The entire state of Wyoming had utterly failed to understand what a spa should be. In fact, the entire country might have failed in that.

Beside her, Eric groaned. “I may never move again.”

“Told you.” Lauger, of all the spas in Reykjavik, was her favorite and the first place she went after a trip abroad. The heat crept into her, peeling off layers of protection that she hadn’t even noticed. She’d been away too long this time. Not that she’d admit it to her grandmother who’d been outraged when she decided to stay at the university over the summer. And following that up by bringing an American boyfriend home had been…interesting.

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