Retro Mary: Thursday: 9-1-1994 11:09 pm

While I’m on vacation, I’ve set up “Retro Mary”  posts.  These are a series of posts taken from my journal in 1994. It will show you what life was like for me as a twenty-five year old professional puppeteer. I’m doing some minor redacting, mostly of names, but otherwise not correcting anything.

Today we blocked through p8 in Piper. The afternoon was for production work. At 4:30 we had a music rehearsal for the chorus on Pied.  Then J–, K–, C– and I went to Newport Bay for dinner.

Came home and painted two rats. M– and R– moved the sofa-bed in upstairs. Um… Made Mom’s peach cobbler tonight. K– and T– came over and had some.

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