Repetative Dialogue

((Spotted at Genevieve Valentine’s))

You know you’ve read scenes exactly like this which were written in earnest. Cut the repetition and don’t say the obvious.

Unless you are Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry, in which case you are fintastically fintastic.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris Billett

    Oh dear! Some bits like this came up in my latest critique. Revisions due…

    Fantastic scene, though – Stephen Fry is Oscar Wilde reincarnated! He is so funny. Also, one of the nicest people I ever, ever came across while working in film. A genuinely stupendously great guy, who went out of his way to thank the whole company personally when he left.


  2. Kate Baker

    Oh my goodness, I am at a loss for words, at a loss I tell thee!

    I tell thee I am at a loss for those sweet and simple words of praise!

    But praise be, I think I may speak like this for the rest of the day! Yes, oh yes for the rest of the day I shall!


    Thanks for the laugh!