Readercon Day One

Well the kaffeeklatsch went well. I was with Scott Edelman, who was delightful. We had a nice group of people visiting with us. Whose names I remembered earlier, but my brain is a sieve now.

The Tabula Rasa reading also went well. I only stumbled once, ironically not in one of the place where I rewrote as I was reading.

… I just realized that I’m only going to say that things were good because I’m too sleepy to offer critical commentary.

I somehow wound up on the nursery train on the way up. There were fifteen children, though I didn’t realize this until enduring most of the trip with occasional outbursts. I suspect that on the whole each child was well-behaved and only cried once but the cumulative effect was of a constant stream of cries. They seemed to know when I was about to drop off into slumber and target their cry then.

This is the third time I’ve come to Readercon sleep-deprived and I’m coming to think that it must just be the way the con is supposed to be for me.

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