Readercon Day 2

Once again, I am exhausted after a day of fun. I wound up joining the panel on Near-Future Politics unexpectedly after Gavin Grant complained that it was made up of men. I commented that I had volunteered for that and he insisted that I replace him. I’m glad I did, but it was pretty funny because I wound up talking about fashion and how it relates to cycles in politics. We swing from conservative to excess and back–this shows up in fashion and architecture, so when looking at the future, I think that one should look at the patterns of past cycles. The other panelists had fascinating points and the audience was quite animated. I just found it amusing that I wound up using something so “girl” oriented to illustrate my points.

The Codex Writer’s group gathered for lunch, which was fun. I got to meet some of the folks that I hadn’t met before. We also all traded our copies of Prime Codex for signing. It was fun all round.

The rest of the day I spent talking with people in the bar. George and Christian from Solaris in particular, kept me amused with their clockwork monkey stories. David Louis Edelman was as charming as ever. I’m not going to try to list the names of everyone I chatted with because I am extremely tired and, as noted in other posts, am awful with names. Later…

Oh! And the highlight–Lon Prater gave me a gorgeous Remington Quiet Riter 11 as a housewarming gift. I’ll post photos when I get back to the apartment tomorrow.

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  1. Fabulous Girl

    You are more than qualified to discuss fashion, in the past, present and future. See any sci-fi movie to see what happens when men design clothes for women to wear in the future. Yuk.