Putting my husband in my stories

Rob is in the other room writing a synopsis of Shades of Milk and Honey. I hate writing them but gotta have one and he is excellent.

He just called out, “Hey! There’s light careening in your novel.”

I wandered in to kiss him on top of his head. “That’s there for you.”

See, when we were first dating, Rob turned to me once and in a fit of amorous passion said, “I love the way light careens across your face.”

I laughed.

He attempted to fix it by saying, “Well, your face is very architectural.”

Oh, my poor, sweet boy. So well intentioned… But I knew what he really meant was that he thought I was beautiful, and that’s all a girl really needs to know sometimes. In everything I write, there’s a moment where I reference Rob. Sometimes it is the way a character looks at the man she loves, sometimes it is a character’s actions.

And sometimes light careens.

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