Puppets? I hate puppets.

I believe this show had what we call a high pee-factor. Perhaps the child is watching security theater.

Via Puppet Buzz

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6 Responses

  1. -e-

    OMG! it is traumatizing to watch that poor kid go through that. There is no overage of what is actually happening on stage though… Does a severed horse head suddenly appear? What kinds of actions in puppet shows are known to cause that sort of reaction?

    Wow, I am still upset. Thank you, Mary, for using YOUR puppeteering skills for good, not evil.

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      I have no idea. There’s just that one shot of the Princess puppet, which looks pretty innocuous. The rest of the kids look like they’re having a good time and that it’s sort of a standard “It’s behind you!” moment.

      Rob says that when the alien overlords actually do land here that’s how it will be. Everyone will be laughing and enjoying themselves and there will be one soul who recognizes the evil and can only wave a stool at it.

  2. -d-

    It looks to me like he is beating the stool against his head. I think that kid is the scary part. You have to feel sorry for his parents.
    That said, Rob is probably right.

  3. Jen

    Oh, that poor child. I was pretty scared of puppets when I was that age, but I don’t recall ever beating myself over the head with anything. My autistic kids freak out regularly when something catches them by surprise, but I can honestly say that I’ve never seen that kind of terror from them.

  4. -e-

    Also frightening- adults that appear to be supervising, ( oriented towards the kids, not the stage), continue to smile blithely while this child screams, attacks the hair of his neighbor, and then (yes, you may be right -d-) Starts hitting himself in the head with the stool.

    Less money on vests, more money on appropriate therapies and teachers!