Puppets are a threat to National Security

The San Fransisco Area Bay Puppet Guild is under investigation by Homeland Security. This is the guild where Jim Henson met Frank Oz.

After 20 years of safeguarding the Guild’s finances, retiring treasurer Pam Brown handed over the fiscal reins to new treasurer Valerie Nelson recently. The Guild’s bank account at West America Bank was to be transferred to a West America Bank branch close to the new treasurer in Yountville. But times have changed since Pam first took charge of the money, and transferring the account to a new branch brought the Guild under the watchful eye of Homeland Security. As of this writing, the Guild’s finances are still frozen in spite of having provided the bank with a copy of Guild bylaws, a roster of our officers and a copy of our minutes. Negotiating past deadlines and threats of account termination, Valerie has struggled to meet government demands for information.

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