Photos of our Pencil-Necked Little Weasel

I realized that I talk about our cats Harriet and Marlowe quite a bit but that I’ve never introduced you to our pencil-necked little weasel. Here’s a photo of him lounging with Harriet in the sun.

His name is Neil and he’s an exceptionally friendly and intelligent pencil-necked little weasel.  While he can be a little grumpy in the morning he’s quite playful the rest of the day.

Now, I do want to point out that he is a pencil-necked little weasel as opposed to his cousin the pencil-necked greater weasel which is native to Argentina.  The primary difference is in the length of their necks.

In this closeup, you can see that Neil has quite a short neck. While the pencil-necked greater weasel has a larger body-mass, the longer neck means that they aren’t as good in a fight.

The pencil-necked little weasels, on the other hand, are incredibly good at taking down snakes in the grass.  They have a ferocious bite when provoked.

Friendly and curious fellows, the pencil-necked little weasel is also handy to have around the house when you need to compose a shopping list.  Most of the pencil-necked little weasels are quite good writers.  This photo is from one of Neil’s competitions where he won best in show.

We are very proud and fond of our pencil-necked little weasel.

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15 Responses

  1. Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

    Brilliant. (I’d like to think that the snakes in the grass will get what’s coming to them.)

  2. Charleen

    Aww, he’s adorable, Mary!
    Aren’t they rather expensive to keep, though? I’ve heard that this fact put some people off. In my opinion, you ought be informed about the habits and requirements of a pencil-necked weasel before you get them as a pet. Ah well, some people…
    Well, should you ever decide to breed, I’d be interested in an offspring of Neil! (Provided the bare-pencil tail tip doesn’t turn out more pronounced. You should watch that and maybe ask your local vet for some analgetic cream; I hear they tend to play with it until it’s sore…)
    A wonderful portrait shot you’ve got there, full of character!

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      You’re thinking of the pencil-necked greater weasel. The pencil-necked little weasel is fairly low maintenance. You do have to worry about them writing on surfaces, but since they can be paper-trained, it’s really not a problem.

  3. Andy McGregor

    The smiliest of links unearthed today. Thanks – and as a bonus, I’m now intrigued by your writing as well as quite fine puppetry larks!

  4. Laurie Gailunas

    Mary, this is the most clever and awesome defense of a good man that I’ve ever seen!
    So happy to see your cat has socialized well with this pencil-necked little weasel. Because really, pencil-necked little weasels are about the kindest and smartest creatures around.
    Until provoked, when, as you said, they are adept at taking down snakes in the grass.

  5. Morgaine

    Aw, and I bet that between every blue ribbon won and heart warmed, he was worth every penny the breeder asked.

    This is brilliant and proves once again being addicted to the social media unearths the best stuff!

    You are lovely witty!


  6. AmyK

    Ha ha! Wonderful! 😀 Every one is going to want their own pencil-necked little weasel now!

  7. Rabbi Steve

    Thank you for this. This kind of humor (and hand-crafted at that!) may be the only appropriate response to certain kinds of idiocy.

    Save the Pencil Necked Little Weasel!

    Rabbi Steve

  8. Riz

    A fine and lovely example of the pencil neck little weasel. So much easier to have about the house than the republicanus ignoramus obfusticatus distractatum–unruly (yet attractive) pelt aside–r. ignoramus coat only appears silky on the surface–those unfortunate enough to get close enough to the vermin discover that it is actually coated in a hideously odiferous grease that is impossible to remove the taint of, never mind the stains! The p.n.l. weasel (subgenus neilus brillianti britannicus)is much quieter, far more productive member of the local and greater society–much better for the environment, and contributes to the greater good just by its daily existence. 😉

    (With apologies for my atrocious dog Latin–it’s been a good quarter century since the good Sister Marjorie Marie’s classes.) Many thanks for a lovely laugh over a ridciulous situation.