Photos of my workshop. At last! My arm is complete again.

The back porch of our apartment is enclosed and has nice large windows and we knew, when we moved, that it would be perfect for a workshop for me. For the past eight months, the windows have been hidden behind the boxes that we had yet to unpack. If you’ve been wondering why there have been a dearth of puppet posts, it’s because I had nowhere to work.

Yesterday, that changed.

I have felt so off-kilter being unable to build things. The whole writer thing is great, but I’m still a puppeteer at heart. I spent the morning standing in an uninsulated room in Chicago in January, with a box of weasel heads and a paint brush. I couldn’t be happier.

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3 Responses

  1. Michael Jennings

    Congrats on a work space! They are so nice to have, looks like you have a lovely view. I miss Chicago a lot my mom’s side of the family is there. As for the lack of insulation, a little blue foam on the walls and some window plastic will help and when it warms you can use the foam for materials!

  2. BenjaminJB

    Swing your razor wide, Mary!
    Hold it to the skies!

    (Maybe “There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit” refers to Chicago winters?)

  3. Jeff

    If there’s a lot of solar gain, I’d be more concerned about summer in the workshop than winter. Even with shades drawn, ours got toasty.

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