Penguicon Day 2

Wow. I’m unbelievably tired. Although, I suppose considering my panel schedule today, that’s not surprising. I have an 8 am panel tomorrow.  Let me repeat that. 8:00 am panel.  At a con. Who scheduled that?

So, you get today in a nutshell and then I’m going to bed.  I had a load of panels, which were fun, and then went to Scalzi’s surprise birthday party, also fun.

I’m also possessed of an urge to teach a workshop at a con on how to build an animal costume that’s actually functional, breathable and has vision. I just want to take some of these people by the paw and explain to them that it doesn’t have to be like this.  But that’s not a good idea.

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4 Responses

  1. Amal

    Let me repeat that. 8:00 am panel. At a con. Who scheduled that?

    More to the point, who’s going to ATTEND that? Sheesh!

  2. Vakkotaur

    If you’ll be back at Penguicon again I imagine that such a workshop would be most welcome. I’ve already been asked if I would be willing to be on a construction panel and while I have no objection I did have to inform the asker that I have no construction experience to speak of.

    Improved vision (Issues include: Can glasses be accommodated? Not everyone has good vision nor are contact lenses always an option, alas.), improved cooling/airflow, and improved mobility are always welcome and get much discussion amongst builders and wannabe builders:

    I don’t know who or what all you saw. I cannot speak for the others, as I do not really know them nor the means of construction. I can only hope that the ox wasn’t too clumsy and didn’t cause you too much disruption.

    Also: An 8 AM panel?! Yow.