Outlining Glamour in Glass

Friday, I turned in the full outline for Glamour in Glass, the sequel to Shades of Milk and Honey. I wrote it differently than I’ve done the outlines for the other novels, which tended to be linear.

This time, I set down the scenes/chapters that I knew had to be there — about fifteen — and then filled in the spaces around them with the pieces that I needed in order to get from point to point.  Actually, I think I’ve done that unconciously before in that I’d add things to outlines after I started writing.  I expect some flexing will happen with this one too, but it feels more solid than other outlines have.

It might also be a product of writing an outline to make sense to someone besides me.  For myself, I only need the line, “Interesting scene with local characters,” to remind myself that for pacing I’ll need a comic scene in a certain place. But it’s  almost meaningless to someone else so I fleshed those out.

Granted, one chapter summary does consist of a single word and an exclamation point, but, you know, there still have to be some details I get to discover as I’m writing it.

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