Our motorcycle trip

Rob and me on our first motorcycle trip I confess, this mess with Audrey II is making my head spin enough that I don’t have the energy to give you a blow by blow of the motorcycle trip. But I did promise a picture, so ta-da! The short version is that I enjoyed the trip. We have nice friends. The passenger seat of the motorcycle was only comfortable for about an hour. It gets cold in the mountains when there is no car between you and the outside. I prefer twisty roads to straight roads. And we’ll do it again.

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2 Responses

  1. karindira

    Adorable. I have a pic of me in a similar pose, but we were larger, lumpier and older than the two of you, so it wasn’t nearly as cute.

    I wager your husband will never get one, but he needs a Goldwing! Those seats are comfortable for hours. Of course, I have a lot more built-in padding than you do, but I only got sore when we were on for seven hours, and it was my legs–they got tired of immobility.