On being Mrs. Kowal

I spent the day teaching puppetry up in Fremont at James Leitch Elementary. One of the interesting things about schools is that they all have different name structures for the teachers. In some I’m Mary, usually Miss Mary, and sometimes Mrs. Kowal.Mary and Rob, just wed

I always use the married version of the honorific when I’m filling out forms but it’s exceedingly rare to actually have someone call me “Mrs. Kowal.”  It feels a little like I’m pretending to be a grownup.

All of this is percolating around in my head because Rob and I are celebrating our eighth anniversary this week. November 17th, 2009 we got married in Chattanooga, TN. I am as deeply in love with my husband as I was on our wedding day.

To celebrate eight years of being Mrs. Kowal, I’m disconnecting from the outside world.  No phone, no internet.  Just Mr. Kowal and me.

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9 Responses

  1. Spring "Dinogrl"

    And from Mr. Gallaher and me, the phone booth lady, Congratulations! You are just ahead of us in the wedded bliss by a little over one year.
    It was nice to have a little learning time for me as well as the children!

  2. Kelvin Kao

    I think people like to use Ms. to refer to women because they don’t want to accidentally get it wrong and offend someone, but really, some of us (well, not literally me) like to be called Mrs. It’s endearing and full of love.

    Happy anniversary, Mrs. and Mr. Kowal!

  3. Karen Magon

    Aww, that’s a great idea, happy anniversary!

    I feel the same way about my guy, and we’re coming up on our 23rd 🙂 If it’s delusion, I’m lovin’ it! Enjoy your day.