Off to NYC. Again.

I’m at the Portland airport (yay, free wi-fi!) waiting for my flight to New York.  Yes, it’s another redeye. I don’t love them but at least it feels like I’m wasting less time in transit since I spend a good portion of it asleep.

I’ll be out there until the 25th and am contemplating having a picnic next weekend as an easy way to try to catch up with everyone.  Any thoughts on where would make sense? My initial inclination is Riverside, simply because it’s in our old neighborhood and I know what’s around there. Plus, breeze from the river and not usually over-crowded.

Feel free to make suggestions.

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One Response

  1. Eugene

    Though Central Park probably attracts more people than Riverside, there’s also more room for everyone. I’ve had large picnics there and it’s a convenient location for people coming from all over the city. We usually planned on meeting just inside the E. 72nd Street entrance on the north side, to make it easy for everyone to find the group. If you get a balloon and tell people to look for it, it’s even easier. No breeze from the river though.