New Apartment

I moved yesterday into my new apartment. I should be here till the end of the year. It’s much closer to downtown and stores, which is nice. Some of the decor is…not to my taste, but the apartment itself is great.

This is my new bedroom, with amazing light. At least right now. The bed is actually two twins, instead of the queen size it appears to be, which makes it great for company. Hint, hint.

It has a very tiny kitchen which has deceptive ammounts of storage space. There are all these cabinets, but none of them can hold very much.

And the living room, with great windows and another fabulous sofa. You can’t see all it’s glory here, just trust me. I bought the print over the sideboard.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    This new apartment actually looks closer to downtown, a bit older, more personality. How close is it? I have no sense of daily logistics there… can you walk to shopping? a coffee place? Do you get ferried around to work, movies, by car? Bus?

  2. Mary Robinette

    By Portland standards, I live right downtown, but in Reykjavik–which is smaller–its more like living in NW, close to downtown, but not considered part of downtown. I can walk to shopping, but since I just moved in yesterday I’m not sure about the other things.
    One of the other puppeteers picks me and takes me to work.

    Reykjavik has a good bus system, I’m told, but the website is only in Icelandic, so I haven’t figured out how to bus places yet.