Napping, writing, and Mongolian Grill

I mostly stayed in today and wrote. I did a little bit of SFWA business in the morning, but nothing particularly strenuous.  The rest of the day involved goofing off, writing, and  napping.  Somehow Rob’s mom only catches me when I’m writing so has this mistaken impression that I work All The Time, which is just not true.

I did walk down to the park and sit outside to write for a bit, but that’s so relaxing it hardly counts as work. And seriously, in Hawaii, everything blooms. Even the birds.

This evening we all went out for Mongolian Grill at the Air Force officer’s club, courtesy of Mr. Kowal.  The setting is really lovely although we were a little late for the sunset. Still you will get absolutely no complaints from me.

This vacation thing. I sort of like it.

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2 Responses

  1. Todd Moody

    By Mr. Kowal I take it you mean Rob’s dad? Is he retired AF? I’m a pilot in the AF reserve. I did spend 12.5 years on active duty also. I’ve never been to the big island, saving that for taking my wife over. I’ve been to Honolulu many times though. It really is a beautiful place. =)